Born and brought up in Kuwait (haven’t been back since 2012). I moved to the US in August of 2007. Check out my music album with my friend Haris Krijestorac on YouTube.


BSc, Computer Science; Carnegie Mellon Unviersity (Pittsburgh, PA)


PDT Partners: New York, NY (2016-present)

Algorithmic trading, quantitative finance.

Near Earth Autonomy Pittsburgh, PA (2013 - 2016)

Second employee at Near Earth Autonomy. Worked on the AACUS [0] program by ONR. Perception system, landing zone evaluation (scan matching), simulation system.

Publications (ResearchGate):

  • Robust Autonomous Ship Deck Landing for Rotorcraft

  • TALOS: An Unmanned Cargo Delivery System for Rotorcraft Landing to Unprepared Sites

[0] Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System

  • Lots of media coverage. See this and this

Microsoft Bellevue, WA (2011 - 2013)

Kernel and UEFI developer on the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 “Shared Core”.

See this